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Monica Coluccia, Un Taurasi di cultura. READ THE ARTICLE

Luciano Pignataro on Grecomusc' 2008 Campania IGT. READ THE ARTICLE

Luciano Pignataro on Lonardo's Aglianico 2005. READ THE ARTICLE

Taurasi Grecomusc’, a new old vine. READ THE ARTICLE

Giulia Cannada Bartoli and the (re)discovery of Grecomusc'. READ THE ARTICLE

Sommelier Angelo Di Costanzo’s review for the blog “L’Arcante”.. READ THE ARTICLE

Cantine Lonardo's Grecomusc' lands in New York. READ THE ARTICLE

Mauro Erro gives an account of Cantine Lonardo at the wine festival in Castelvenere nel Sannio. READ THE ARTICLE

Gratifying effects for Contrade di Taurasi at the “Anteprima Taurasi 2005”. READ THE ARTICLE

Robert Parker praises Taurasi 2004 and Taurasi Riserva 2001… READ THE ARTICLE

Fabio Cimmino awards Cantine Lonardo with the title of The best Taurasi 2005. READ THE ARTICLE

Also Mauro Erro states that Cantine Lonardo’s Taurasi 2005 is the best. READ THE ARTICLE

"Contrade di Taurasi story" by Giulia Cannada Bartoli. READ THE ARTICLE

Luciano Pignataro reviews Cantine Lonardo’s Taurasi 1999. READ THE ARTICLE

Luciano Pignataro praises Contrade di Taurasi’s consistency. READ THE ARTICLE

The review in “Il viandante bevitore”, Mauro Erro’s personal blog. READ THE ARTICLE

Cantine Lonardo according to Pino Savoia, in his column “Le vie del vino” - Winter edition 2008/2009 by Pianeta Gusto Campania. PAGE 1 - PAGE 2

Mauro Erro speaks highly of Grecomusc’2004. READ THE ARTICLE

The very famous guide “Gambero Rosso” pronounces its influential opinion. READ THE ARTICLE

Il Viandante Bevitore Mauro Erro’s love at first sight for Cantine Lonardo’s Taurasi 1999. READ THE ARTICLE

Robert Parker's review on the website "www.erobertparker.com". READ 1 - READ 2 - READ 3

Expert Fabio Cimmino’s influential opinion  in “Wineblog”, Luciano Pignataro’s personal blog on the historical vertical of Cantine Lonardo in Naples, on May 2007. READ THE ARTICLE

The website of Polaner Selections, a very important importer for the USA market, outlines Cantine Lonardo farm’s profile. READ THE ARTICLE

The interesting blog “Maiale ubriaco” gives its personal opinion on the same subject. READ THE ARTICLE

“Il Mattino” journalist Luciano Pignataro leaves his review in his space in “Wineblog” on Taurasi DOCG 2000.READ THE ARTICLE

Cantine Lonardo’s Taurasi DOCG arouses enthusiasm also in the specialized site “ristorantiitaliani.it” READ THE ARTICLE

Grecomusc’ 2005 reason for existence according to Luciano Pignataro in “Wineblog” READ THE ARTICLE

“Il Mattino” journalist Luciano Pignataro’s review in his “Guida completa ai grandi vini dell’Irpinia” . READ THE ARTICLE

The American Portal “nirvino.com” assessment. Prestigious evaluation means chooseing the best wine. READ THE ARTICLE

Pignataro  talks about Grecomusc’ as a subject of a degree-theses  at the Agriculture Faculty, University of Portici. READ THE ARTICLE

The meeting between Sandro Lonardo and Mimmo Sciuttieri, president of Gustamente association and Italian wines expert, at Salone del Vino, Tourin 2001. READ THE ARTICLE

The description of Contrade di Taurasi in the very unusual blog “real-is real”. READ THE ARTICLE

Roberto Giuliani’s very positive evaluation of Taurasi Riserva 2001, in lavinium.it site. READ THE ARTICLE

Ugo Bernardi, journalist and expert by “tigulliovino.it” portal, speaks highly at “Anteprima Taurasi 2006”. READ THE ARTICLE

The Bibenda association mentions as many as two of our wines of ours in its wine list. READ THE ARTICLE

The Californian website Scrϋgy, specialized in evaluation of wines from all over the world, gives his opinion on Taurasi 1999. READ THE ARTICLE

SScrϋgy introduces Taurasi docg 2000… READ THE ARTICLE

Cantine Lonardo are in VGnet; Norwegian magazine site. READ THE ARTICLE

Cantine Lonardo delicious wines reach the Asian market. READ 1 - READ 2 - READ 3


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